The Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship


The Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship has been created to provide financial aid for exceptional English Literature Honours Students at the University of Cape Town. Applicants must have been accepted to the Honours programme at the English Department at the University of Cape Town.

Applicants will have to submit an application essay on a particular topic which will be provided.

The top three applicants will be invited for interviews in Cape Town.

The prize amount will be R25 000 (in the first year). The bank account for donations is below.

Applicant requirements:

  • Proof of enrollment/acceptance for Honours
  • CV
  • Application essay (length to be specified)
  • A written agreement that the winning essay will be published on the foundation website along with a short profile of the winner
  • The winning essay will be decided upon by Alkeos Sofianos, Markus Sofianos, Christine Emmett
  • Finalists will be interviewed by Christine Emmett in Cape Town

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