The Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship amount for 2020 currently stands at R28,000 for the winner and R1000 for the runner-up (ZAR).


Question for the 5th annual Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship (2020):

How is narrative reshaped through time and place? More specifically, what occurs to it when its medium changes? Joseph Conrad’s novella “Heart of Darkness” (1899) has mutated over the years, living in myriad forms through adaptations and homages such as Francis Ford Coppola’s film “Apocalypse Now” (1979), the graphic novel “Heart of Darkness” by Anyango/Mairowitz (2010) or even the recent Hollywood blockbuster “Ad Astra” (2019). Taking any adaptation, we encourage you to examine what boundaries and fissures exist between Conrad’s work and these successors. How do these afterlives problematize Conrad’s fable of colonial rage and what challenges, indeterminacies, and insights do they introduce? Your essay should not exceed 3 000 words.

Please note:
a. Scholarship applications must be submitted via email to by 24 January, 2020.
b. Along with the applicant’s essay, the applicant’s submission must include scanned copies of
the following: 1) A completed copy of the scholarship application form; 2) Proof of
acceptance to the English Honours programme at UCT; 3) A copy of the applicant’s ID or
passport; and 4) A copy of the applicant’s academic record.
c. All essays must be fully referenced and include a bibliography.
d. The applicant’s name and details should be provided on a separate cover page (with no
personal information in running headers/ footers) to facilitate blind review.
e. All essays will be checked for plagiarism – any evidence of plagiarism will immediately
disqualify your application.
f. Should your essay be selected for the scholarship, the scholarship prize will be paid directly
into your UCT student account.
g. The Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship reserves the right not to award the scholarship in the
event that a suitable applicant is not found.