If you would like to support the Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship you can do so by making a donation. Please email us at to inform us of your donation so that we can keep you up to date about the awarding of the scholarship and other developments.
For donation: Please use the following accounts if you prefer Bank Transfer. Otherwise Donations can be made easily from all over the world via the Scholarship Paypal account.

Donations from South Africa:

Account Name: The Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship
Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Number: 62650184840
Branch Number: 250-655
Reference: Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship

Donations from the EU or elsewhere:

Account Name: Markus Sofianos
Bank: 1822direkt
IBAN: DE13 5005 0201 1253 2080 91
Reference: Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship

Donations via Paypal: