Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan

Konstantin and I met in the first year of our Masters in English (1780-1900) as Rhodes Scholars at the University of Oxford in 2006. We went on to read for the DPhil in English together. We disagreed on many aspects of literature and literary theory, and had fervent discussions of the same over drinks and smokes – but we could both agree that George Eliot was the highest of the high, A.C. Swinburne was wildly underrated, and that Emily was forever the best of the Brontës. I am thankful for the decade of deep friendship that followed. After completing my DPhil on A.C. Swinburne’s transgressive prose and poetics, I trained as a physician. I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland, where I serve in the departments of Medicine and History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, writing, teaching, and researching on medical humanities, literature and medicine, and history of medicine as well as doctoring in the hospital.