Hannah Fagan

Hannah Fagan Biography

I was born in Cape Town in 1997. My mother, Suzie, is a publisher, and my father, Anton, is a law professor. From an early age they encouraged my twin passions for stories and arguing.

These came in handy when I was a student at Camps Bay High School. In 2014, when I was in grade 11, I was selected for the South African debating team. In that year we were semi-finalists at the Asian World School’s Debating Tournament in Thailand. And in my matric year, in 2015, I was placed first in the De Beer’s English Olympiad.

I’ve been at UCT for the past three years doing a BA, where I majored in English and History. This time has made me come to realize my love for academic life (stories and arguing again), and this made me decide to continue with my studies in English Honours.

My love for academic work is equalled only by my love for creative writing. Over the past few years I have entered many short story and flash fiction competitions. I’ve been published in several teen and school anthologies, and last year I was lucky enough to have my sci-fi short story, “A is for Above, B is for Below”, short-listed and published by the UK-based HG Wells Short Story Competition.

The opportunity to write such a stimulating essay for the Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship made me very grateful, and I am so honoured to have won this most generous award.