Micayla Manthe

Winner of the 2019/2020 Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship

I was born in Johannesburg in 1998, before moving to Cape Town in 2003.I was raised by a loving and devoted single mother, Valecia, and my constantly present grandparents, Theresa and James. 

My grandparents provided an endless supply of support, and pushed me to perform academically. My grandmother encouraged my love for art, and instilled within me a discipline for practice and artistic persistence. This would later be applied to my love for writing and the aesthetics.

I have recently completed by Bachelor of Arts, where I majored in English and Historical Studies. I found the duality of these two disciplines to be complementary, but also challenging. Both majors encouraged rigorous and intriguing writing. Ultimately, my love for English pushed me to choose the path of postgraduate English study.

Following my postgraduate studies, I only hope that I may continue to explore my passion for English, writing and discourse.

I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen as the recipient of this most special award.