Noah Swinney

 Noah Swinney Biography

I was born in Johannesburg in 1995 and my family moved to Cape Town a couple of years later. I come from a close family of four – all of us are creatively inclined: my father, Warrick Sony is a music composer and sound artist; my mother, MichIMG-20180204-WA0005ele Rowe was a script writer who now writes novels; my sister, Ruby Swinney is an artist who has just completed her first solo show. I sort of fall between all of the above with my interest in poetry, which I think balances the auditory, the visual and the textual.

I went to a Waldorf School and my education continues to influence my creative life. When I was 16 I formed an underground band called Changeling – we released 3 albums and enjoyed a small amount of local success playing at most venues in the city and a couple of prestigious festivals. In my matric year I started another project of my own called The Psalms, which was more experimental and conceptual with a focus on poetic writing. I released another two albums under that name. My musical ambition has always incorporated my interest in literature; I see the writing of lyrics as important as melody. In fact, I believe poetry and music share very many similarities.
I have a particular love for Irish literature, which I hope to pursue this year at a post-graduate level. The Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship was a blessing that arrived at a time that was most needed for my family and myself and for this I will be forever grateful