Parusha Chetty

img_20170128_200422Parusha Chetty Biography

I was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in the year 1994. My passion for ascribing words to lived experiences as a means of offering another perspective has been a prominent facet throughout my life. Both of my parents are in the legal field which created a subliminal mould for me to fulfil. Culturally and spiritually speaking, pleasing my parents has always taken preference and thus, I started my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in 2012. It was approximately two weeks into the year when I found myself in the English department querying whether I could add English Literature as a Major. I was told that I had to change my degree to BA General and complete Psychology alongside English as equally weighted majors, which worked in my favour as English was never seen as ‘adding to the workload’ for it became my vice. I was inducted into Golden Key International Honour Society in 2014 and successfully completed my undergraduate degree in 2015. In the same year, 8 of my poems were published by NMMU in the anthology ‘Poetry Piece by Piece’ under the direction of Bryan Walters. The following year I began my Honours degree in Clinical Psychology and after the first lecture, I walked over to the coordinator and queried whether it would be possible for me to complete my honours degree in English Literature concurrently. I could see I had befuddled the man with my absurd request and thus offered an apology and allowed my feet to guide me into my English Lecturer’s office. After 5 weeks of pleas and emails, I was able to enrol for an occasional module in English Literature at an Honours level, as university rules stipulate that only one degree may be obtained per year. I was advised against this by the head of the Psychology department due to the pressure of the workload however, my retort remained the same as English was a passion and it released the pressure rather than added to it. In 2016 I completed my honours degree in Psychology (Cum Laude) as well as my module in English Literature (with a distinction). This year I was meant to complete my Masters in Psychology which I have deferred indefinitely as it is time I chose my passion for I believe in this instance, it leads to my purpose. This would not have been possible had I not received the Konstantin Sofianos Scholarship. I would like to thank the foundation for this incredible opportunity, I am elated to have had the honour of being selected and I will endeavour to produce my best work this year.